I’m Bhuvnesh Gupta , working in IT Company “Scattered Pixels Pvt Ltd.” as a Web Developer. I have completed my graduation (B.Tech with Computer Science). I have worked on many programming languages such as C, java , PHP , j2ee .

When I started to learn any Framework for Web Development , I was in confusion that with what Framework should I start . As we know there are many Frameworks are popular like Zend , Symfony , Cake PHP etc. so which one is better for development among these. I searched and find all are good depending on what are you going to develop. I choose Zend Framework beacause it is the mostly used Framework all over the world.

Starting with Zend is little bit harder than any other framework as I think (might be possible not for someone else). I think it because when I start it was not able to find any blog or anything that can help me to start Zend easily. When I completed my first application on Zend then I though that I should write a blog for Zend so the developers like me can get start with Zend Framework.

Hence my first blog start with Zend Framework.Hope you will appreciate me and motivate me so I can do better in this field of Blogs.

Bhuvnesh Gupta
Web Developer


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